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High School Students Exempt From Midterm Exams

Dec. 8, 2020 --  Cleveland Heights High is not immune to the challenges of COVID-19, but we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated educators who continue to put the needs of our students at the apex of what we do. With the current level changes in the Health Advisory rating and spikes in cases, the social-emotional concerns of our students continue to be at an all-time high. With this in mind, there has developed a rising interest in regards to administering exams. 

As a result, the high school administrators and TAP team have worked collaboratively with students and teachers to receive feedback on the upcoming midterm exam period. Survey responses have indicated that 81.4% of our teachers favored canceling exams, and a considerably high number of students have messaged their concerns in favor of canceling exams as well.  

The administrative team understands and acknowledges that we are in a unique situation and will honor the feedback we have received. By removing the formal exam schedule, teachers are able to provide more instructional time and support students within their course content. In addition, we ensure the well-being of our students and our commitment to a culture of trust, respect, and integrity. 

Students participating in Ohio Online courses or Edgenuity courses are also exempt from midterm exams.

Teachers may still administer an assessment or project, if they choose, during a regularly scheduled class period(s). 

If you have additional questions please contact your Grade Level Administrator.

Mr. Hopkins/ Principal 

12th Grade

 [email protected]

Dr. McKinnie

11th Grade

[email protected]

Mr. Fullerman

10th Grade

[email protected]

Mr. Dubsky

9th Grade

[email protected]

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